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Former State Rep. Diane Russell on Maine’s Cannabis Legalization

On November 5, 2016, Maine’s voters legalized recreational, or adult-use, marijuana. At the time, the state’s legalization bill was one of the most progressive, which included protections for home growers… READ MORE…

Janet Mills signs bill to allow recreational sales in Maine

AUGUSTA, Maine — Maine Gov. Janet Mills signed a bill Thursday setting up a legal framework for the sale of recreational marijuana to adults as early as next year. READ MORE…

Plans for special cannabis crimes unit sparks outrage

Maine plans to create a new division of the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency tasked with regulatory compliance as well as monitoring illegal activity that competes with state-licensed growers, processors and retailers. READ MORE…

Industry wins some, loses some in medical marijuana reform bill

A legislative committee strips out a ban on small extraction labs, federal background checks, plant size limits and fines from a department-backed bill, but adds a testing requirement. READ MORE…

Feds withdraw mental health grants for schools that allow medical marijuana, Maine official says

Maine’s Education Department announced this month that it is no longer eligible for certain federal funds to support mental health programs in schools because the state allows students to access medical marijuana. READ MORE…

All The Politicians Helping To Legalize Marijuana In The U.S. On 4/20

The conversation around marijuana legalization across the United States always comes to the forefront when April 20 rolls around. Known online and in popular culture as “4/20,” or “Weed Day,” April 20 celebrates any and READ MORE…

Medical cannabis is not really medicine

I have been a physician practicing Internal Medicine in Maine since 1978. I have never prescribed “medical cannabis” Last week The New England Journal of Medicine published an article saying there is “no currently… READ MORE…

Federal mental health grants canceled because Maine has legal marijuana

Because Maine allows the medical use of marijuana by students, the federal government is cutting off $3.3 million in already approved funding to support mental health programs for youngsters. READ MORE…


Scholars, doctors, millionaires, creators, influencers, artists, musicians, and even politicians smoke weed. The more political knowledge you have, the more change you can create.

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LOVE HIM OR HATE HIM… He did something that no other president has ever done!

President Trump signed into law Thursday an $867 billion farm bill that provides billions in aid to U.S. farmers while rejecting deep cuts to the federal food stamp programs sought by some House Republicans.

“We have to take care of our farmers and ranchers, and we will take care of them,” Trump said at the signing ceremony, going on to praise congressional Democrats for what he called their hard work on the bill.


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