The smokable, trichome-covered part of a female cannabis plant. Flower is the most popular form of cannabis due to its versatility, offering numerous consumption methods, such as being smoked using a pipe or bong, or by rolling it in a joint or blunt.
A pre-filled container of cannabis oil or concentrate designed for use with an e-cigarette or vape rig. Weed cartridges, or “carts,” are offered in multiple formats, from 510-threaded cartridges that twist onto a battery to pods that magnetically snap into place.
Cannabutter is cannabis-infused butter. It can contain only CBD, which isn’t psychoactive, or both CBD and THC, which gives it mind-altering properties.
Marijuana, also called pot, weed, ganja, mary jane, and a host of other nicknames, is made from the Cannabis plant, which has three species: Cannabis sativa; Cannabis indica and Cannabis ruderalis.
A brittle, glasslike cannabis extract with a tendency to snap when handled. Shatter is named for its breakability, like broken glass, and is favored for its ease in handling while dabbing.
Here we grow! We are happy to be producing high quality Cannabis and we will be sharing the growth of our babies soon. Make sure and come back for more!

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